In The Studio

I thought it time to talk a bit about my life in my little apartment/studio, here in Bremen. My previous posts have largely been about my adventures out and about; discovering art and architecture, markets and people. But, realistically, most of my time has been spent at my table in the confines of my apartment. Life on my own I have lived and been with a significant other for almost 9 years now. Before that I was with my parents and siblings. My average day: If not at home with my partner, I am with students, teaching; if I am not teaching I am in the studio, which, on occasion, I would be alone in, if Dane is not in the studio too (we share the space); but, even when I was there on my own

Touristing and Whatnot

Where am I going? After building up some confidence with the tram it was time to explore and get to know the city of Bremen a little. First was a walk around my new hood, which has a lovely park/garden nearby, a little chilly to just hang out in, but, I will definitely go back when I need a break from both city and apartment. Then I ventured a little further. Seeing as I am here for 3 months and an important objective for me is to produce a good amount of work on this residency. I try to spread out my exploring and adventuring; when I go out I stick to one, maybe two, things in a day. I then spend a day or two at home developing ideas or making work. Bremen is a pretty small city at 326 km2


Catching trams, Grocery shopping and Exhibition openings The first few days here were brilliant. I didn’t do a ton of things; planning routes and figuring out maps takes a surprising amount of time. I did, however, go on a few adventurers, which I chat about in this post, and a few walks in the neighbourhood to try get a sense of my surroundings. Catching trams, negotiating cyclists, grocery shopping and going to an exhibition opening have been some highlights in my initial week here in Germany. Public transport…. Um… how amazing! People talk about how efficient public transport is in first world countries, but, until you experience it you really have no idea what life is like on the other s

The Predicament of Preparing for International Travel

So for frequent flyers most of what I am going to talk about in this post may seem totally ridiculous…but perhaps you can sympathies, reminiscing about your first trip, or at least even just have a laugh with me through my plight of both build up to hoping on a plane and coming to Germany, and my first day here. Visa Everything leading up to my trip felt like a bit of a mission; applying for a visa wasn’t a stress-free experience, especially as I went to the local German consulate and no one knew what to do with an artist residency. Needless to say, I don’t think many visa applications for residencies go through those doors. There were a few requirements that got me in a total spin; one was

3 Months - Change of Address

Residency- Bremen Germany I have been fortunate enough to get an art residency in Bremen, Germany. How I got it… Around the middle of last year our local municipal curator/collection manager at the Durban Art Gallery forwarded me the information, which had been sent to her, with the suggestion that I apply. And so I did, which brings me to the here and now in Germany, fulfilling a dream; traveling overseas, for the first time I might add, and making art! What more could I ask for. So, I thought I would share my experiences during my stay here in chilly Bremen for those who are interested. Being an educator and an artist in South Africa, I am very aware that many artists and students don’t kn

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