The Christmas experience in Europe.

I am not a very Christmassy person. Other than the gathering of family, which is always nice, my association with Christmas (because I am not religious) has been shopping centers and family feuds. I have never gotten into the decorations or the Christmas carols; although, it has start slowly growing on me with more and more of my siblings popping out children. Christmas seems far more exciting with all the magic children bring, but, even so, I was generally indifferent. I can’t believe I am about to say this, and I know my sister will be bursting with pride reading this being a Christmas fanatic herself…The Christmas experience in Europe has quite possibly converted me. They just seem to do

Fraternizing with the Famous, Snow!, and Experimentation

Okay, so the title might be a little miss leading, I didn’t fraternize with a famous person but I did with famous peoples art. For an artist, for me anyway, this is better than meeting the artist…well, maybe not better, but just as good, I will explain further in a bit. I took a little break from writing these blog posts and the last one was just about the cold, so, I have a bit to catch up on. Snow Before I get into the art part of the post I have to tell you about my first experience in snow. Okay, again, not entirely true; when I was a teenager I did see snow once, on the ground, all mushy and melting, and it was great. I even tried to make a snow man and all that. But the other day I saw

Living in a cold climate… things you don’t expect.

As you all may know I am from sunny South Africa, Durban to be specific; a city that is known for its good weather. Warm-hot summers and warmish winters, bar one or two days in the year. No wind, like Cape Town, and no dryness like Johannesburg, the ‘perfect’ middle ground. The only thing people really complain about is the humidity. Coming from what many consider a city with a yearlong summer to a colder climate has had some unexpected hurdles. Don’t get me wrong, I am a cold weather girl, well at least I thought I was. I would much rather take a winter day over a 32 and more degree summer day. Dressing warmly or staying cozy under blankets with a hot cup of tea is a dream day. Even going o

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