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Once More

This body of work explores transience within urban spaces. It attempts to interrogate dichotomies such as construction and destruction, life and death, man made and nature, development and deterioration and the tensions created by these dichotomies. My exploration is an endeavour to understand my reality, my existence. To do this, I found refuge through examining transience and these contradictions.

Paper is central to my practice because of its fragility, it’s everyday usage...
The Space Between

This work explores my personal view of life within suburban spaces, suburbia being the middle ground between the city and nature and the public and private, the space in between.

Paper is central to my art practice. I make use of it as my primary medium whether it is cut, embossed or folded. This choice of medium refers to the fragility of the suburban ideal and our whimsical notions of perfection and achievement within a societal structure. The more the paper is cut into...
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