The home, your sanctuary, your safe space, your shelter.

The home, spacious living, great for entertaining, ample cupboards.

The home, valued at….

Relationships are complex, but, should our relationship with our home be more than a place to rest our head and provide sanctuary and shelter? This question plagued and drove this body of work as I grappled with issues surrounding the commodification of the home, ownership, the glorification of ownership, greed, the nature in which accumulation occurs, property development and gentrification.


Paper is an integral medium to my processes and general art practice. While it can be seen as incredibly banal it is incredibly complex in nature; it is both fragile and robust, 2D and 3D, worthless and incredibly valuable, it is used daily, recyclable and is one of the most consumable commodities of our time. These characteristics are ever present in my thinking and making.

Just Listed

Scheme. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 22.5 X 29 X 22.5cm.
In the hands of few-4.jpg
In the hands of few-8.jpg
In the hands of few-7.jpg
In The Hands Of Few. Paper and Glue. 29.5 X 40 X 29.5cm.
From Sand.jpg
From Sand. Hand-cut paper. 114 X 85 cm.
In his finest-8.jpg
In his finest-2.jpg
In his finest-9.jpg
In his finest-6.jpg
In His Finest. Paper and Glue. 17 X 6 X 8cm.
open house.jpg
From Sand. Hand-cut paper. 114 X 85 cm.
I’m Just Looking. Paper and Glue. 8 X 8 X 6cm.
Block. Hand-cut paper. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
its a ride.jpg
Its a Ride. Hand-cut paper. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
Great Investment (Bins)-2.jpg
Great Investment (Bins)-3.jpg
Great Investment (Bins)-8.jpg
Great Investment. Paper and Glue (installation). Size Variable.
1 A143 436. Hand-cut Paper. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
win big.jpg
Win Big. Hand-cut layered and embossed paper. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
party with wolf stew.jpg
Party With Wolf Stew. Embossed and cut paper and ink. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
Fair. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 33 X 16 X 43.5cm.
Subdivide. Hand-cut paper and ink. 48.5 X 66.2 cm.
selling point.jpg
Selling Point. Hand-cut paper. 28.5 X 34.7 cm.
Community Cat.jpg
Community. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass.14 X 16 X 14cm.
Just listed Installations-3.jpg
Carpeted Throughout. Paper, Glue, Wood & Found Carpet. 
private property.jpg
Private Property. Watercolour, Cut, Foam-Core & Glue On Paper. 30.8 X 40.3 cm.
Flip. Acrylic on Paper. 48.5 X 66.2cm.
Better Views. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 31 X 56 X 31cm.
Portrait On Wall. Installation. Size Variable.
Almost. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. Size Variable. 31 X 56 X 31cm.
After Party. Paper, glue. Size Variable. 
Watch this Space-2.jpg
Lies Within The Value. Hand Embellished Digital Print. Size Variable.