Scheme. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 22.5 X 29 X 22.5cm.
In The Hands Of Few. Paper and Glue. 29.5 X 40 X 29.5cm.
In His Finest. Paper and Glue. 17 X 6 X 8cm.
I’m Just Looking. Paper and Glue. 8 X 8 X 6cm.
Great Investment. Paper and Glue (installation). Size Variable.
Fair. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 33 X 16 X 43.5cm.
Community. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass.14 X 16 X 14cm.
Carpeted Throughout. Paper, Glue, Wood & Found Carpet. 
Better Views. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. 31 X 56 X 31cm.
Almost. Paper, Glue, Wood & Glass. Size Variable. 31 X 56 X 31cm.
After Party. Paper, glue. Size Variable. Available.
Veiled Revelry II. Paper, glue, wire. Available.
Builder. Tissue Paper, glue, concrete. 
Heavy Load. Paper, glue, concrete, steel.
Renovations. Paper, glue, concrete, metal.
Out of Flight. Paper, glue, concrete, metal. Available
Through the Cracks. Paper, glue, concrete, steel, wood.
Delicate Grind. Mixed media.
Shaped. Paper, concrete, steel, wood.
Processing. Paper, wood, screws.
Silently. Paper, glue, wood, magnets.
Wall. Paper, glue, concrete, polystyrene.
Drawers . Mixed media. Not for Sale
(Commission) Rocket. Paper, glue.
(Commission) Parrot. Paper, glue, wire, polystyrene .
(Commission) Front-loader. Paper, and glue.
(Commission) Front-loader. Paper, and glue.

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