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Spier wine Farm, R310 Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa

This site-specific installation was commissioned by Spier for their annual Spier Light Art exhibition, featuring a collection of outdoor sculptures. The piece embodies a multifaceted exploration and draws inspiration from various sources. Specifically, the physical installation takes the form of a draped, soft fabric-like structure, inspired by the universal relationship between individuals and textiles, whether in wearable or functional forms. Textiles hold a profound significance in our lives, providing a sense of security and comfort. They envelop us in warmth when we are cold or sad, empower us when we wear something that makes us feel confident and beautiful, and transform our houses into personalized sanctuaries through the addition of curtains, rugs, throws, and pillows. These concepts served as the driving force behind the fabric-like installation, while the decision to suspend the work overhead aims to create a canopy, symbolizing a protective space that invites viewers to enter. This idea is reinforced by the use of transparent Plexiglass, evoking the ambiance of a stained glass cathedral, providing a sanctuary-like experience. Once beneath the floating fabric canopy, the piece envelops the viewer, ‘dressing’ them, in a vibrant array of colours and light, eliciting a sense of wonder and joy.


As a light art piece, this work also draws inspiration from the intrinsic connection between light and colour. It explores the notion that light itself is colour and has the ability to create colour. The concept is kaleidoscopic and exhibits circularity, which captivates the artist. This idea is conveyed through the utilization of multiple coloured transparent Plexiglass elements. In order for us to perceive colour, light is required. Each colour corresponds to a specific wavelength of light that is reflected back to our eyes. Due to the transparent nature of the Plexiglass used in the piece, when illuminated in a specific manner, either by natural sunlight or LED lighting, the colours are transposed away from their original source, the Plexiglass, and cast onto the nearest surface, generating perfect colour reflections that create ephemeral, intangible colour rectangles. The artwork itself, and our experience of it, undergoes transformations throughout the day and night, influenced by the interplay of light, clouds, and weather conditions. This dynamic mirrors our natural encounters with colour, illustrating how a single hue can shift and evoke a wide range of emotions, reactions, and experiences.

Spier Light Art Installation

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